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  Luiz Gonçalo de Moraes Prado
  As Nietzsche has so perfectly put it,

"Whitout music life would be a mistake."

(enough said)
  Porto Alegre - RS
  Player: Primare DVD30
Amp: Primare I30
Loudspeakers: Dynaudio Audience 42
Cables (interconnects): Cardas Golden Cross
Cables (loudspeakers): Audioquest Slate

Vinyl: Project RPM 9.1 + Sumiko BP EVO III + Musical Fidelity X-LPS v3

Mains Treatment: Isotek Mini-Sub GII

Headphones: AKG 701
Headphones Amp: Musical Fidelity X-Can v3

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All in all, this is one of the most important and impressive news that we could ever expect. An embarrassment of riches if I ever saw one. If anything, it is enough to prove that a major player still believes in sacd as a viable format. We could all go on and on discussing the dangers and delights of A-D and format conversions but I doubt anyone ... more
July 25, 2011
At least one of the Sharp amplifiers, the slim blue/purple-ish one, actually had a proprietary connection accepting a pure DSD stream derived from the accompanying sacd player. ... more
July 24, 2011
Hmm... In a sense, there's nothing really new about DSD amplifiers. Early on the SACD history, Sharp came up with two models using the technology. It is easier said than done, for such products need herculean technological efforts to work properly. Sharp, Sharp-from-all-people, decided to try its hands at it but, in the end, were not very ... more
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