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Sonoma 2.0 with emmLabs DAC8

Speakers; Eosone RSF1000 x 5

Dynaco ST-70 x 5

Pre/Recv: Denon 4803CI, Cayin HA-1A

headphones: HD-800, HD-650, HD-600, MDR-F1.

head amps: X-Cans V2, X-Cans V3 (Amperex Orange Globe 6922), ASL MG HEAD DT OTL MKIII(Telefunken ECC803S), Little Dot MKIII(Mullard M8100s), Little Dot MKIV(WE 403As, 6H30P-DRs), Little Dot Mk I+, Little Dot II, DarkVoice 336SE

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Black Sabbath: Master of Reality      (3 of 3 found this review helpful)
  September 18, 2011

I'd have to agree with Analogue above. Paranoid was absoutely stunning and I was surprised. This album, sonically, doesn't hit its stride until Track 3 "Embryo" and 4 "Children Of The Grave", which is pretty well done if you turn up the volume a bit. (Read: Not overly compressed.) Track 5 "Orchid" ... more
Rolling Stones: It's Only Rock 'n Roll      (4 of 9 found this review helpful)
  September 18, 2011

You know maybe I don't get it - and I usually am pretty open to finding the qualities of recordings... But, looking at this album's contemporaries, like Dark Side of the Moon, I see absolutely no reason why it sounds so horrible. Now it's probably the original recording and not the SACDs fault.. But ... more

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Blu-ray Audio now live
April 1, 2014
Zeus - There are a few Neil Young Blu-ray audio releases that aren't in the database, is there a reason for that or is there something I can do to get them submitted? ... more
Say NO to Simon & Garfunkel on Audio Fidelity's Gold CDs because...........
February 27, 2013
Can confirm Gus's statement above and have heard them. "A++". Hopefully (AcousticSounds? AudioFidelity? MoFi?) will license and give the nod. ... more
Rocky Mountain Audio Fest
October 8, 2012
since it's like... down the mountain from me - probably yes. Who knows though. Being close to a convention is kind of a double edged sword, its easy to go, but if stuff happens locally, it's not like you're 1000 miles away with an excuse. ... more
More 5.1 DOORS from Analogue Productions
October 6, 2012
Come to think of it, no, all of the problems I have had have been discs housed in digipaks. The problem is sometimes visible, but for example on my DVD-A of "REM - Monster" you can't see a *thing* wrong with it, but it stops at 1:07 on track 4, no matter what, no matter what player, and will not play any tracks past that. So something is ... more
More 5.1 DOORS from Analogue Productions
October 6, 2012
Yeah, unfortunately. I have a lot of players, and none of them would read past the same points on each disc. I've got a friend with the same problem who's in Virginia, and the climate there is quite different from here, so I was guessing climate at first (dry rot or humidity) - but now I'm thinking just a "bad batch" - or very possibly, we get ... more