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BIS thread
January 4, 2015
Nice to hear from BIS... My latest CD from Sony Classical (Windsbacher Knabenchor: Nun sei willkommen, Herre Christ) has horrible pause editing: The organ and the choir passages have been crossfaded, so that you get shocked by organ & trumpet attacks in the last reverbs of the choir pianissimo... Or the choir starts too early, during the reverb of ... more
BIS thread
October 8, 2014
Hey Robert, It seems that qobuz has replaced the "upsampled" Studio Master files with the correct sampling rate from BIS. So it came to a happy ending. :-) yours, Thomian ... more
BIS thread
April 13, 2014
Hey Robert, what happened with the Qobuz Studio Masters. Did they answer properly, why they sell 16-bit stuff as studio masters? yours, thomian ... more
BIS thread
March 7, 2014
Robert, I miss the new Schubert Recording of the Swedish Chamber Orchestra on eclassical... (BIS-1786) Release Date was January 2014, but it is not yet available for download. When will it come for download? May you check this pleeeease? Yours, thomian ... more
BIS thread
February 19, 2014
yes, and even the 24-bit stereo version should result in just 2-3 discs. Surround should work with 5-7 discs. But, btw, having bought all the previously released CDs and ripped into FLAC, it should be easy to burn such a blu ray disc on your own. (if you have a blu ray burner). Just for your convenience. ... more