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centre channel fine-tuning issue
May 18, 2006
To time align your centre speaker you will need to delay it by roughly 1.5mS, you will most likely find that you can only set it to 2mS, this will be adequate. As for level compensation, I would not bother, leave it at the same setting as the other fronts, unless you have a level meter to adjust it with, and then there is unlikely to be more than a ... more
SACD player and pre-amp "settings" - er, what are they?!
May 16, 2006
300mm equates roughly to 1ft, which equates to around 1mS of error. This is the typical minimum increment adjustment for rear's but a significant error for the centre. Another option you may consider is to tell the SACD player that you have no centre, this will cause the player to add the centre channel info to both the LF,RF signals and create a ... more
SACD player and pre-amp "settings" - er, what are they?!
May 14, 2006
Terence, if you could tell us what AVR/preamp you have and point us to a pdf of the manual (if it is not online) then I would be more than happy to advise. Regards Cyril ... more
SACD player and pre-amp "settings" - er, what are they?!
May 12, 2006
I dont know exactly what gear you have, but normally the analog six channel inputs on most recievers/preamps do not go through any digital processing, thus do not get time or level adjusted. Therefore you must enter time delay and level corrections into your SACD player. However each manufacturer does things diffently, so it pays to read the ... more
First MC SACD - Sounds great but.... How many discs have QC issues?
February 17, 2006
May depend what version firmware was in your pioneer, I understand that there were a few bugs a bit like what you describe in earlier batchs, latter ones came with new firmware fix them. The second player you tried may have latter firmware. Contact Pioneer and see if you have the lattest firmware, they may send you a CD with the upgrade on ... more