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Finally got it together
May 5, 2006
Well I finally got it ALL put together and reveived my first 6 SACD's. PSB T65, B25, and C60 speakers, NAD T753 main amp, NAD PP2 for the old turntable, Acuras amp and Niles controller for the remotes (other rooms), Yamaha for the SA-CD / DVD, an old 6 pack CD player (for my wife who hates learning new systems). Mind you I have it all in a ... more
Orchestrated Jazz?
April 6, 2006
Finding some more possibles and listing them here - just in case I misplace them. Got to find the Writer for Buddy Rich's "Channel one suite" Also need to find composer for "Child of Extacy" Need to check Don Ellis, Bill Reddie and Don Menza ... more
Orchestrated Jazz?
April 5, 2006
I love H Mancini compositions like P. Panther, Bonzi Pipeline, etc. and not knowing how to actually classify it, I'm calling it Orchestrated Jazz. I like the crispness/clarity of his recordings, the interplay and some of the more complex arrangements. I also find that I enjoy the Mancini style Big Band to small Orchestra sounds and it's resulting ... more