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Site upgrade - what's happening
August 16, 2015
Ha ha.. :-) Well, I donít know what to say about thatÖ kind of spot on perhaps? :-) This stretches my knowledge to a point close to a collapse I guess, but isnít Götterdämmerung about the complete destruction of the world as we know it? And the rebuilding of a new better one? In general terms I think changes are good. I always try hard to see it ... more
Site upgrade - what's happening
August 16, 2015
There has been a lot of well-meant comments here from engaged forum members. Comments with suggestions (and complaints) regarding structure issues, features, user-interface (UIís) and navigations etc. on the new site. Many of which I have found to be essential and well-reasoned for. I think these deserves a reaction from Zeus. At least some up to ... more - need to clarify the use of "comments"
August 8, 2015
I have tested the site for an hour by now and with respect for my lack of knowledge of where the new site is heading, there is one thing I like to question. I find it unclear, even a bit problematic, that comments are related to an individual release (album/disc). I accept that there are different ways of looking at or defining what a comment is. ... more
Site upgrade - what's happening
August 2, 2015
You have certainly written very good reviews, detailed and well structured. A bit too long, but the structure compensates for that. You can be proud of your achievement!! Perhaps you can become a site reviewer? After all you have a proven qualification Ö Kind of up to you I would think. That would possibly bring back the old reviews of yours, but ... more
Discussion: Brahms: Piano Quartet No. 1 (arr. Schoenberg) - Albrecht
July 29, 2015
Hi Chris Yes, I think you are pretty much onto my experience. But I do believe the soloist is clearly recorded and put upfront in the sound picture. But it doesn't bother me much since I'm not that sensitive to "spot-miking"... :-) I think Hough is best in the second concerto, more freewheeling with a pallete of pianistic skills I like (frasing, ... more