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"Cannons § Flowers" - Memoirs of Georges CZIFFRA
August 17, 2006
I downloaded a version and printed it out - there is a lot of it (150 pages) and really fascinating. It tells us a great deal about why Cziffra was such a fabulous pianist and also makes one wonder how he ever made it after so many tragedies and setbacks. I don't know of any other musician who had such a chequered life - it was like the Book of ... more
"Cannons § Flowers" - Memoirs of Georges CZIFFRA
August 16, 2006
As the original edition is out-of-print, you might be interested in a free PDF version, available via the site ... more
Solti Decca/Universal SACDs
June 28, 2006
Thank you, Peter! Oddly, it only seems to be available only in Australia at present, despite having been issued last April, and is not mentioned on the Decca site. Again, it seems wrong to me to issue it on Decca's cheapest label, so it will get no reviews and one wonders how much care has been taken over re-mastering. ... more
Solti Decca/Universal SACDs
June 26, 2006
DECCA has let Sir Georg down rather: too many recordings have been allowed to go out of the catalogue or have been put into the bargain "Double Decca" series and thus are never reviewed. The reputations of Karajan and Bernstein have been kept going by a number of special editions. I would agree that his first Bruckner with the VPO are well worth ... more