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  John Miller
  Retired geologist (BSc, PhD) and former Senior Lecturer and Director of Open Studies, Edinburgh University. Published a number of geological research papers, but Classical music has been a life-long love. I played piano and church organ as a youth, bought my first "hifi" at the age of 15 and have been upgrading ever since. I taught music courses in the Edinburgh Adult Education programme for many years, especially social history of music, illustrated studies of composers including Bach, Beethoven, Elgar, Sibelius, Richard Strauss and Mahler. Several courses attempted to introduce people to post-Impressionism musical developments, and I also ran courses on Scottish classical music history. I was particularly interested in the period instrument movement and did extensive research on this. Gave pre-concert talks for the then Scottish National Orchestra in Glasgow and Edinburgh and Festival Lectures on featured composers at the Edinburgh Festival for over 10 years. Despite the classical bias, I have wide tastes in music. Also, I enjoy painting in watercolour, pastel, acrylic and oils.
  Edinburgh, Scotland
  Having had to take early retirement, I sold my 2800+ CD teaching collection in 2005 to take up high-definition multichannel and begin an SACD and DVD-A collection (much smaller!). Have upgraded several components since then, and present system is approaching personal nirvana... or so I think at the moment.

Oppo BDP 103 with DSD over HDMI (suprisingly superior in SACD to a former Denon DBP-4010 UD Universal Player), Denon AVR-X4000 multichannel receiver.
Magnaplanar MG 1.7 front speakers, Magnaplanar CC3 centre, Magnaplanar wall-mounted LM1 surround speakers, Quad Lite subwoofer. I consistently use the Ultima Signature Mat when playing discs, it helps the transport recover more information and makes an astonishing improvement in definition, ambient information, instrument location and sheer musicality. Power cables - Russ Andrews PowerMax Plus, Interconnects - Chord Active Silver HDMI cables, QED optical cable. Power Conditioning - Monster power block and Russ Andrews 'The Silencer'. QED speaker cables.

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  Today 05:58 am

The title 'Magnificat' might make some collectors perceive this to be a disc of sacred music; not so, despite its cathedral recording venue, but it certainly is a choral one, with the addition of a palette-cleansing treat of a piece for solely for string orchestra. Kim André Arnesen (b.1980) is at ... more
  December 14, 2014

The success of RCO Live's first disc featuring RCO's brilliant brass players () gathered requests for a follow-up, and here it is, complete with the punning title "Brass Too", as not all the pieces were initially composed for brass. The programme is as adventurous as that of the first disc, and was ... more
  December 10, 2014

Christoph Prégardien and Challenger Classics have been major suppliers of superb Lieder recordings in SA-CD, and recently Julian Prégardien joined the family, as it were, with his own highly rated solo song disc for Myriosmusik (). It was inevitable that father and son would make recordings ... more
  December 7, 2014

Most of us have not thought of the Silk Road since history lessons at school. British composer Douglas Bostock has a reputation for assembling little-known music for his programmes, and with Coviello he has produced an interesting production which provides a lucid summary of the history of the ... more
  December 1, 2014

The first recording from Eudora, a new Spanish label dedicated to highest standards in terms of sound quality, musicology and design, was indeed hailed as extraordinary (see ). They will only be issuing a few discs a year, so I was waiting to see if there was to be another splendid effort next in ... more

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Today 06:04 am
For those who like to have a score to read while listening, you can read Arnesen's full score of 'Magnificat' in PDF form on his website (!view-scores/c1m1h). Unfortunately, for those who like to download their PDF scores onto their iPads, this won't work as the format is Adobe's Flash, disowned by Apple. John ... more
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November 27, 2014
You are right, of course. Trying to avoid the text getting too long, I resorted to selective introduction to keep things simple, so thanks for adding the info about Zappa's development here. John ... more
Christopher Hogwood (1941-2014)
September 24, 2014
Sad to hear of his demise. His contribution to the historically informed movement was galvanising and utterly musical, forming part of the movement's backbone for many years. He left a legacy of recordings which surely will be in demand as classics. John ... more
Discussion: From the Imperial Court - Stile Antico
September 24, 2014
Well, I wasn't wanting to go into too much detail as I was writing about the music. Historically, the house of Hapsburg (the "they" in my sentence) did dissolve in the C18th. Here is what a Wiki says (and this information appears in a number of other seemingly authoritative sites): "The House of Habsburg became extinct in the 18th century. The ... more
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