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  John Miller
  Retired geologist (BSc, PhD) and former Senior Lecturer and Director of Open Studies, Edinburgh University. Published a number of geological research papers, but Classical music has been a life-long love. I played piano and church organ as a youth, bought my first "hifi" at the age of 15 and have been upgrading ever since. I taught music courses in the Edinburgh Adult Education programme for many years, especially social history of music, illustrated studies of composers including Bach, Beethoven, Elgar, Sibelius, Richard Strauss and Mahler. Several courses attempted to introduce people to post-Impressionism musical developments, and I also ran courses on Scottish classical music history. I was particularly interested in the period instrument movement and did extensive research on this. Gave pre-concert talks for the then Scottish National Orchestra in Glasgow and Edinburgh and Festival Lectures on featured composers at the Edinburgh Festival for over 10 years. Despite the classical bias, I have wide tastes in music. Also, I enjoy painting in watercolour, pastel, acrylic and oils.
  Edinburgh, Scotland
  Having had to take early retirement, I sold my 2800+ CD teaching collection in 2005 to take up high-definition multichannel and begin an SACD and DVD-A collection (much smaller!). Have upgraded several components since then, and present system is approaching personal nirvana... or so I think at the moment.

Oppo BDP 103 with DSD over HDMI (suprisingly superior in SACD to a former Denon DBP-4010 UD Universal Player), Denon AVR-X4000 multichannel receiver.
Magnaplanar MG 1.7 front speakers, Magnaplanar CC3 centre, Magnaplanar wall-mounted LM1 surround speakers, Quad Lite subwoofer. I consistently use the Ultima Signature Mat when playing discs, it helps the transport recover more information and makes an astonishing improvement in definition, ambient information, instrument location and sheer musicality. Power cables - Russ Andrews PowerMax Plus, Interconnects - Chord Active Silver HDMI cables, QED optical cable. Power Conditioning - Monster power block and Russ Andrews 'The Silencer'. QED speaker cables.

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  May 25, 2015

Egil Hovland (1924-2013) was one of Norway's most prolific composers, and sometimes a controversial one for several reasons. Lawo Classics and organist Anders Eidsten Dahl present here a well-filled disc (76:59) of Hovland's organ music, demonstrating his musical development during a lengthy period ... more
  May 11, 2015

Indefatigable organist Albert Bolliger, in his survey of historical organs of Europe, visits the picturesque Spanish walled medieval town of Daroca, NE of Madrid, in the province of Zaragoza. As usual, he includes a cogent history of the town in the excellent SA-CD's 3-language booklet. The ... more
  May 6, 2015

The striking and somewhat provocative artwork of this disc heralds its contents, highlighting women’s voices in world literature. Goethe’s female characters 'Mignon' and 'Suleika', Shakespeare’s 'Ophelia' from 'Hamlet' and the gnostic gospel according to Mary Magdalene provide material for ... more
  May 3, 2015

Catharinus Elling (1858-1942) decided to take up a musical career at the age of 18. He left Kristiania (later Oslo), which had no Music Conservatory at the time, for the Leipzig Musical Academy - following Grieg and a stream of other potential composers. He was given an endowment from Norway in 1883 ... more
  May 1, 2015

Elgar's 'Scenes from the Saga of King Olaf' for soprano, tenor and bass soloists, choir and orchestra, come from his apprentice years, in which he wrote several works for choir and orchestra, which are rarely staged these days, also having only sparse recordings. Sir Andrew Davis seems to have a ... more

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Discussion: The Steinmeyer Organ in Nidaros Cathedral - Draagen
May 26, 2015
I've been in touch with Lawo Classics to see why this problem had emerged. The answer seems quite clear: "The CD was originally produced as CD stereo, and 200 copies were sent out to our international distributor. The recording then proved to be very popular and in demand, so we decided to re-issue it as SACD and print more copies. The CD Stereo ... more
Discussion: Rachmaninov: All-night vigil - Bruffy
April 24, 2015
Thanks for spotting typos - have corrected my review. John ... more
Discussion: The Steinmeyer Organ in Nidaros Cathedral - Draagen
April 14, 2015
Hi, I'm puzzled by the assertion that at least one copy is in stereo. Recently, I was in touch with Lawo's engineer, and was assured that the Steinmeyer Organ disk was recorded in DXD, resampled to DSD for SACD. It is a hybrid, and I can verify that, as I played separately DSD Multichannel 5.0, DSD Stereo and CD for my review. I agree that Lawo ... more
Discussion: Bach: St Matthew Passion - Jacobs
January 4, 2015
I've been through the 174 page booklet looking for photographs of session layout but there aren't any. Bach clearly wrote the St Matthew Passion "with both organs". The first of these organs was for the Great Organ at the West End of the Church. Jacobs discusses the whereabouts of Choir 2 with its organ in St Thomas. There was a second organ in the ... more
Discussion: Arnesen: Magnificat, Kernis: Musica Celestis, Gjeilo: Tundra, Song of the Universal - Brevik
December 18, 2014
For those who like to have a score to read while listening, you can read Arnesen's full score of 'Magnificat' in PDF form on his website (!view-scores/c1m1h). Unfortunately, for those who like to download their PDF scores onto their iPads, this won't work as the format is Adobe's Flash, disowned by Apple. John ... more