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  Seow Lim
  I'm a software engineer. But I love music. I can play piano, violin and erhu pretty well. I love listening to western classical, chinese classical, jazz some vocals, pops and soundtracks.
  Aurum Cantus V3M as main
Aurum Cantus V4C as center
Aurum Cantus Leisure 2SE as surround
Mirage S12 as sub
Rotel RSX-1055 as pre/pro and amps for center/surround
Bryston 4BSST as amp for main
Pioneer Elite 79AVI as Universal Player

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Erhu Chant - Yu Hong Mei          (9 of 9 found this review helpful)
  March 26, 2007

As a long time amatuer erhu player, I'm very familiar with almost all, except "A Bunch of Flowers", of the pieces in this sacd. I own many redbook CDs for erhu music, but this is the first erhu SACD music I own. What I can say is the recording quality of this disc easily surpass anything else that I ... more

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April 4, 2007
Just got 3 last month: Erhu Chant by Channel Classics Julia Fischer Tchaikovsky Concerto by Pentatone Beethoven 9th by BIS All three are excellent titles. ... more
Discussion: Erhu Chant - Yu Hong Mei
April 4, 2007
Sorry, Beagle. I didn't see this thread until now. Ramesh did a great job explaining the background of the instrument. I'd just do my best to add to it. Like Ramesh said, "Hu" stands for foreign, and usually refer to the grassland area (where horsemen live) in the northwestern China. That's where erhu came from. There're many erhu pieces that are ... more