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SPEAK & SPELL-new Depeche Mode release prob. w.SACD disc
November 21, 2006
Not completely correct !!. I found in my local shop (here in Chile) european releases for the NTSC market. Yes ! european releases for the NTSC market !!. They were "violator" and "speak and spell". The "music for the masess" run out of stock. They are official, not piracy or counterfait. Well, they are packed in the same way as the european PAL ... more
Bryan Ferry "Boys and Girls" SACD (EU edition)
August 25, 2006
Hi everyone, I just bought this new re-mastered and 5.1 SACD. Amazing sound !, but I have a "cosmetic" question for who own of this SACD: My copy has an image of Bryan on its back , but it is inverted. Also when you remove the CD and can read the EMI thanks and the SACD logo, I notify these words and symbol are on wrong side: should be on the left ... more
80's artists that should be on SACD :)
August 25, 2006
Yazoo "Upstairs at Eric's" Erasure "Wild" Thompson Twins "Into the gap" Pet Shop Boys "Please" and "Very" A Flock of Seagulls "The Best Of " and.... Men without hats "Rhythm Of Youth" (I know this is impossible 'cause the CD version is unavailable from years) ... more