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Hurriganes: Roadrunner        (4 of 5 found this review helpful)
  October 24, 2007

Hurriganes - Roadrunner, a record no self-respecting rock fan should be without. This SACD version has been excellently re-mastered for the higher resolution format. I my opinion this is even better than the original vinyl pressing. I am astounded at the amount of detail and sonic quality they were ... more
Elton John: Peachtree Road        (1 of 1 found this review helpful)
  November 23, 2006

Elton John being one of my wife's favorite artists I too was introduced to this verstaile performer. This record is a must for any SACD owner. Sonics, songs and performance are all top notch and easily accessible even to the non-fans. SACD really brings out the best this record has to offer, be it ... more
  November 23, 2006

I love this record. A great tribute to a great artist. I mostly listen to it in SACD stereo and enjoy it very much. The sonics are clear, without being overly so, they have a nice softness to them. This is one of the records I use to demonstrate the difference between SACD and normal CD to the ... more

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