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SACD player recommendation anyone?
January 27, 2009
I have the US version of your receiver, and it can decode a direct DSD stream. I would also suggest picking up the Oppo DV-980H, because it will bitstream the DSD signal directly to your Yamaha to decode. That way you'll have the best sound reproduction in your system for for 2 channel stereo or 5.1 multichannel tracks. It only costs $169 in the ... more
Anybody really serious about using PS3 for audio playback?
June 20, 2007
Okay, I stumbled across this article today, and it's an interview with two of Sony's PS3 engineers who are responsible for firmware upgrades. They are very revealing about how they developed SACD playback, as well as DVD and game upscaling. I think the good news is the article shows how determined they are to perfect the functionality of the PS3. ... more
Anybody really serious about using PS3 for audio playback?
June 19, 2007
I'm pretty sure the PS3 will only pass SACD multichannel through HDMI v1.3, it will not work through 1.2. I almost bought a Yamaha receiver with HDMI 1.2, but I stopped for that sole reason. In order to get good SACD sound out of the PS3, without an HDMI 1.3 receiver, you'll need to use analog outputs via the PS3's multi/av port. The PS3 will only ... more
The Non-SACD Supporters Black List (hardware manufactures)
May 29, 2007
Personally, I think more attention needs to be given to the record labels in terms of SACD support. Beyond classical and jazz albums, there is a serious lack of SACD music, and it's preventing mainstream acceptance of the SACD format. We need urge record label that do not publish using the SACD format to do so, and we need to continue supporting ... more
Anybody really serious about using PS3 for audio playback?
May 23, 2007
Hopefully, a later PS3 firmware update will allow for full DSD distribution via the HDMI connection. It's entirely possible Sony would enable full DSD playback since they're fully committed to both the PS3 and SACD format. On a positive note, the latest firmware release, version 1.80, comes out tomorrow, and it offers full 1080p upscaling of ... more