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Shopping for a New Player
June 9, 2007
Here are a couple of reviews: I own the unit and I find the SACD sound sensational for the money, and, as far as I can tell, it handles DSD in its native form. However, CDs are barely listenable to me. I would encourage modification by TRL if ... more
The Non-SACD Supporters Black List (hardware manufactures)
June 2, 2007
My mistake. This player certainly wasn't on display at either of the Musical Fidelity dealers I've visited this year. When I asked one of them about the absence of an SACD player (they used to have the TriVista), I was told that MF had decided not to support the format any more because they felt that they could make CD players that sound just as ... more
The Non-SACD Supporters Black List (hardware manufactures)
May 29, 2007
You can add Musical Fidelity to the list: I think the reasons some of these companies cite for not supporting SACD are disturbing. ... more
"Unsung Heros", AKA SACD's that deserve more attention
May 16, 2007
[t=254] Not as goldenly mellow as Julia Fischer, but, on this disc, Midori draws from a broader palette of emotions and tonal colors. ... more
May 13, 2007
The Audite recordings are all PCM, right? I have yet to hear a PCM recording that gets the tone of strings just right (though, admittedly, I don't have anything approaching a state-of-the-art CD/SACD player). Actually, strings don't sound totally convincing to me even with the best DSD recordings (including discs from the Fry Street Quartet, ... more