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Weather Report: Mysterious Traveller      (7 of 7 found this review helpful)
  February 27, 2007

A review of this I wrote for Surround Professional magazine: Mysterious Traveler Weather Report Columbia/Legacy SACD Stereo/Multichannel This is a reissue of the 1974 original recording of Weather Reportís Mysterious Traveler. Weather ... more

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Linn downloads - SACD quality?
March 12, 2007
Hi, Linn! Thanks for the service and your participation here. I bought these: Waterloo Sunset (Barb Jungr) - 46.8 MB La Valse - The Complete Works of Ravel Vol. 1 (Artur Pizarro) - 193.5 MB Mean To Me - Nice Work (Carol Kidd) 67.6 MB Total cost US$14.50. Anyone who blames lower CD sales on high CD prices won't be moved to download these! I ... more
need help on best MC amp/speaker specs for SACD
March 8, 2007
go to, click on articles on the left, and choose "All Bass is Covered" ... more
Linn downloads - SACD quality?
March 8, 2007
I hadn't heard that Linn was doing this - thanks for the link. I have a computer connected to appropriate speakers. I just may have to buy a few tracks tonight and experiment. Will consumers adopt this? I haven't bought anything from iTunes since it is low-bitrate and laden with DRM. If you have software like Minnetonka Diskwelder, you can burn a ... more
Met flogging iPods?
March 8, 2007
iPods can also play WAV and AIFF files. It's not much of a leap to think that they could play DSD in the future (I doubt this is on Apple's radar, though). I would guess that the Met is trying to broaden their audience, not promote hirez audio :-) ... more
need help on best MC amp/speaker specs for SACD
March 8, 2007
A 5.1 system includes five full-range channels. Full-range, both in frequency and dynamic range. The LFE channel was developed as Low Frequency Effects, or Low Frequency Extension, or the Boom Channel, for cinema - even the largest movie theater systems start rolling off in an auditorium below 30 Hz (rapidly, since they are typically horn-loaded ... more