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Bowie Reality SACD Deals
October 30, 2003
Simple--Amazon had a page up and was taking orders on Sept 15-22, so selling a promo copy as used was _not_ out of the realm of possibility. Hell, I saw used promo copies of Warren Zevon's final CD on sale at Amazon Z-Shops 1 week before it officially came out. Also, if you'll recall, the SACD version of Reality was originally scheduled for release ... more
Bowie Reality SACD Deals
October 29, 2003
More conflicting stories concerning the SACD release of Bowie's "Reality" on High Fidelity Reviews (see link below). Just finished listening to the redbook CD (I ordered the SACD version, but got sent the regular CD instead: BEWARE! Don't buy any used SACDs from the Amazon payments program!). That aside, this is the most ProTools-sounding Bowie ... more
Playing SACD
October 29, 2003
I'd sure re-think that move, man. Miles Davis sounds G-R-E-A-T on SACD--the first time I did a back to back comparision between my conventional CD of "Kind Of Blue" and the SACD version, I was blown away by how much better the SACD sounded. Made me realize I'd been listening to sonic crap for almost a decade and wasting piles of hard-earned cash ... more
Sources for SACD's?
October 29, 2003
'ello Jack, Avalon was just released in the US, I saw it on the Tower Records site for $15.99, which pissed me off 'coz I had to pay 23 Euros for it in Germany. But that's life... vonwegen ... more