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  Lars Bo Nielsen
  Odense, Denmark
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High resolution music online, and high-rez support on portable and wireless players please?
December 23, 2007
For download possibilities, I suggest you look at which include several options today. ... more
Is Stuart Robinson flogging a dead horse?
October 14, 2007
The best Web site I have found for DVD-A is which is focused on multichannel rock. On the site you can find many arguments for DVD-A compared to SACD. You will also see that DVD-A is far from dead. The consumer interest as I see it is still rising slowly riding on more installed equipment, DVD-As released until end ... more
DVD-audio site
August 25, 2007 is a very good site with much information for MC SACD and DVD-A releases. On the site you will several release lists for DVD-A, all "good" releases, current, and coming releases. One difference between QQ and this site is that QQ addresses rock music. ... more