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  John Wardlaw
  Just love music. To listen to it, to write it, to play it. Band Member of ANTI-M. Currently do not have an SACD player but buy them when they are hybrids as I know I will someday. Do have DVD Audio but was unimpressed. Perhaps as I don't bother with surround. I simply don't have the time so sit in the center of my speakers. I was previously impressed by HDCD.
  Santa Barbara CA USA
  Meridian G08 CD Player (sadly I am not yet SACD Compatible)
Meridian G02 Preamp
Audio Research 100.2 Power Amplifier
(all cables ballanced between all 3 above)
Vandersteen 3 Speakers (stereo, no surround)
Pioneer Elite DV-38A DVD / CD / DVD-Audio
MIT Terminator 2 Speaker cable

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March 31, 2007
The price is currently $150.09 USD at for the Box Set in NTSC scheduled for april 17 release. I have never ordered from them but have heard they are OK so I might just pick some up. I noticed on and that the NTSC box lists the bonus disc as being in PAL. This is probably a misprint but you never know. ... more