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Interesting discussion about sound quality of RBCD, vinyl & SACD! Is it time for a petition to Sony?
December 28, 2008
I'm just a man who felt in love with multichannel music 10 years ago. SACDs are currently the only solution for me to enjoy multichannel music, and I feel very bad when I see the number of releases going down every month. However, I have a medium range Hifi system, and it's possible that redbook cds sound better on a very high end $$$$$ stereo ... more
How many of us are listening to SACD only because it has multichannel playback capability?
April 20, 2008
I have about 120 multi-channel SACDs and maybe 3 stereo-only sacds. I enjoy the DSD better sound, but that's not the main reason why I'm buying SACDs. I'm buying SACDs because of the multi-channel tracks. I also listen to DTS-CDs, DVD-Audio, Musical DVD-Video with 5.1 Dolby digital or DTS tracks... etc I can hear a small difference between a ... more
So, what will be new on SACD?
September 17, 2007
If you are looking for good multichannel mixes, there is a good list available here: It's in french, but disc titles are language neutral :) ... more
SA-CD head unit for the car is here!
May 13, 2007
I see the amp is 4x 52W ... how does it support multichannel SACDs ? Is there a quad downmix from the 5.1 tracks ? [EDIT] OK, I have read the doc, and there is a CSO mode available, that can emulate a center speaker (works only when SACD quality is set to low quality 44.1KHz vs high quality 176.4KHz). ... more
Out of stock SACDs ?
April 9, 2007
Hi, I have been looking to buy a few SACDs for monthes, but it seems they are not available anymore. For example I have been looking for Indochine - the Birthday album, or Paul Van Dyk - Reflections SACD, but they are out of stock everywhere. These items are sometimes available on ebay, but for unbelievable prices like $80 or more. Is there a ... more