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SACD Newcomer Advice needed
June 30, 2007
Well thanks again for all the input. Silly me to hope there could be a simple way forward here. Looks like Ill have to experiment. I guess I just baulk a bit at getting a player (like the Marantz DV9600 or DV7001 as suggested above) which has all the video electronics in it. You can probably switch it out, but a lot of what youre paying for ... more
SACD Newcomer Advice needed
June 29, 2007
Thats really interesting pgmpdir. Excuse my ignorance, but is it possible to configure SACD to run with four channels i.e. L R plus the two ambience channels without loss of information? On the face of it that would seem the optimum multi-channel set-up for music as opposed to cinema. ... more
SACD Newcomer Advice needed
June 29, 2007
Thanks for your input guys, much appreciated. andrewb your assessment of the benefits of SACD being 75% improved sound and 25% multi-channel is very interesting and confirms my impression. I think rear channels could add a little useful ambiance, but I have real problems with a centre channel. My current red-book stereo system produces tangible, ... more
SACD Newcomer Advice needed
June 29, 2007
Hi Im new to this forum and to SACD so all you guys are experts to me! I want to get into SACD, but naturally I need to start with a player. Looking at some of the key manufacturers in the SACD player market e.g. Marantz, Esoteric, Denon etc, there seems to be a clear and consistent steer towards two channel SACD. This becomes more marked as the ... more