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Sacd bit processing
November 1, 2007
Yes! This is what I am talking about and confused by. I've studied a good deal of mathematics/physics/optics/electronics in college and think I can understand most of the rational behind the pcm/dsd formats. What I was asking about specifically was the reconstruction process and how it is different. Maybe that is too complex of a question to be ... more
Sacd bit processing
October 31, 2007
I have read the FAQ, and I know that DSD claims a theoretical dynamic range of 120db, I guess the question that I am asking is How? Given that this is a 1 bit system, the 64 bits that fall into 1/44100th of a second only add up to a total of 6 bits of range for that period. While SACD seems to be very accurate in the time domain (much faster ... more
Sacd bit processing
October 30, 2007
Okay, so i've been a big fan of sacd for a while now. In total I've got 36 sacds, with five more in the mail to me. While i've enjoyed the format very much and agree that it has obvious sonic advantages to redbook, from a listening standpoint, I have never fully understood the theory behind how the bits are processed. My point: Sacd is sampled at ... more