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What Was Your First SACD?
February 3, 2010
Good thread topic. Dark Side of the Moon was mine too. Mark Z ... more
Sale at Concord Music Group: $5.98 SA-CD
June 25, 2009
I placed my order on June 16, and received all (at the sale prices) on Tuesday. Mark Z ... more
Do you file your SACDs with your CDs?
March 22, 2009
Mixed together with DVD-Audio and DTS discs, and grouped by genre. With separate groups for "sell/trade" and "haven't listened to yet." Mark Z ... more
Rising value of hard-to-find SACD titles
March 6, 2009
Someone is probably gonna flame me, but here goes: I recently noticed that David Elias' SACDs, "Crossing" and "The Window" are now available as hi-res downloads from Of course, if you want to burn an actual hi-res disc that you can toss into a player, it has to be... DVD-Audio. Sorry. While "Crossing" is still readily available as a ... more
List of the Original QUAD Recordings - SACD Wishlist?
January 22, 2009
Atom Heart Mother Wish You Were Here and Dark Side of the Moon (of course) Were all released in quad (and all are great!) There are rumors about an Animals quad turning up, but it has never progressed beyond the rumor stage. Mark Z ... more