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Amp vs. receiver: What do you use for multichannel amplification?
December 1, 2007
Hi folks, Another question as I inch toward a multichannel setup for SACD (mostly orchestral but other classical, jazz, and pop as well), and secondarily, for home theater. I was contemplating a decent receiver for all my amplification needs (like Onkyo SR 805 or a comparable Denon). But as I was talking to the owner of one of the local hifi ... more
SACD / DSD via HDMI-- what's the skinny?
November 29, 2007
Thanks all you folks, for your very helpful thoughts-- I had suspected that PCM may ultimately be inevitable at some point in the chain at this level. But still, the Onkyo sounds like an excellent receiver that will work well with the Oppo (which came today!!). Robstl, thanks for your comment, which was especially on point. I see you are a ... more
SACD / DSD via HDMI-- what's the skinny?
November 29, 2007
Hi folks, After enjoying two-channel SACD for years, I have decided to take the plunge into multichannel (I'm a total newbie there). Have purchased an Oppo DV-980H as a painless way of getting my feet wet with a multichannel source. It offers the option of playing SACD directly through HDMI rather than analog/RCA. So if I understand correctly, the ... more