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  A&R programmer, note writer and translator as well as being a regular freelance player.
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Discussion: Wagner: Siegfried - Fisch
December 4, 2007
Thanks for the comment, Ramesh! I am certainly aware of the extremes to which reviews tend to go, be they for audiophiles or not. Regardless, I do think that anyone who posts a review on a site like this (or any other) *should* be aware of performance standards when talking about classical and operatic recordings. It is all well and good to ... more
Discussion: Wagner: Siegfried - Fisch
December 3, 2007
Asher Fisch's conducting is some of the best Wagner conducting I have heard anywhere. Hearing Parsifal under his baton would be marvellous I am sure! ... more
Discussion: Wagner: Siegfried - Fisch
December 3, 2007
Like just about every Siegfried I have seen and heard, this one is, for me, another disappointment! I will make this very brief because I could go on for ever about the above review by Christine Tham, but I will add a few salient points: 5 stars for the recording = agreed. Phil Rowlands' work for this complete cycle has been wonderful, with truly ... more