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  Andrew Quint
  Music writer: The Absolute Sound, Fanfare
  Philadelphia environs
  Oppo BDP-83
Anthem D2v
Pass Aleph 0 amplifiers (main front); Pass X5 multichannel amplifier (center, surround channels)
Loudspeakers: Wilson Watt/Puppy 6's (front main); Wilson Duettes (center, surrounds)

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Discussion: Mahler: Symphony No. 5 - Gergiev
February 13, 2011
Obviously no consensus here! I found the sound a bit opaque with a lack of clarity in the mid-bass down. Too bad, as the performance is vital, with a real point of view - a good piece of evidence to give lie to the view that Gergiev doesn't "get" Mahler. ... more
HDMI for SACD Revisited
February 8, 2011
Definitely not! No SACD in February but I did write up the first Naxos audio-only Blu-ray, a surround sound demo disc, if there ever was one. Covered an Audite disc of Janacek quartets for April. The magazine's starting a new music item, as people reading all periodicals seem to love lists. It's called "Fave Fives" (don't blame me for the title) ... more
HDMI for SACD Revisited
February 8, 2011
Thank you one and all for ringing in—even those who managed to get pretty far afield of the thread topic. As I'd hoped, collectively you have helped to clarify my thinking about the HDMI interface for SACD. I'll summarize my personal conclusions; all the points are debatable, I know—except for the last. 1. For me, and many others, multichannel is ... more
HDMI for SACD Revisited
February 6, 2011
Do have a look at the TAS piece if you get a chance. When HDtracks works from a DSD original, they use 24/88.2, precisely because the math works better. And you're right, my article wasn't mainly about comparisons of downloads to discs, it was about the promising future of downloads as a source of audiophile quality recordings. ... more
HDMI for SACD Revisited
February 6, 2011
I've written two pieces about HDtracks, the one for TAS and a second for Fanfare. The latter is in the March-April issue. That isn't in print yet, though it's available online to subscribers now. In the TAS piece, I compared Kreizberg Dvorak Symphony No. 6 (Kreizberg/PentaTone), Chesky's Piano Concerto (Chesky) and the Blu-ray version of ... more