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  alan a
  Oppo BDP-95 direct into Quicksilver V4 and Theta Dreadnaught I amplifiers.
Speakers: Fronts: Vandersteen 5a, Center : Vandersteen VCC-5,
Rear Channels: Vandersteen VSM-1 + 2WQ for each rear. SUBS: Vandersteen V2W. and Mirage BSP-400 for movies. Audioquest cables.
Analog: SME 30/2 + SME V + ZYX Universe + EAR 834P modified with nos tubes.

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September 4, 2015
This sounds like the work Wendy Carlos did in 1986, highlighted on her album "Beauty in the Beast". ... more
DSD output on Oppo w/usb drive as source
February 9, 2014
Exactly! Thank you, Kal. Perhaps I wasn't clear. If you implement any of the adjustments, or if you have HDMI hooked up to a TV and the Audio is ON, even if you have the HDMI output set to DSD, the Oppo will default to PCM. All such adjustments are of necessity done in the PCM mode. So, to be clear, if you want the Oppo to decode in DSD only ... more
DSD output on Oppo w/usb drive as source
February 9, 2014
Timmer said: Also, I'm not sure how I can bypass my receiver since I use it to output video to the tv. Without a video signal I couldn't navigate to my dsd files on the usb drive. Run a separate HDMI or RCA cables from the Oppo to the TV. cordobaman said: Curious...With these settings, what happens if you want to play a movie thru the HDMI ... more
Speakers for Stereo Classical Music Listening
September 20, 2013
I vote for Vandersteen speakers as well. Plus, they have a nice upgrade path; you can add a Vandersteen sub, and then a second sub to your front speakers. If you decide to go to a surround system, you can get a pair of Vandersteen VSM-1 speakers and a center channel. They have great resale value. I have owned various Vandersteen speakers for many ... more
Upcoming SACD releases
December 2, 2012
They are listed here, and have been for some time. Search by the label, or under "Zoltan". ... more