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  retired and unlikely to post or review on this forum for quite a while for various reasons.Did my bit for the cause.
  North Wales UK/born Liverpool many years ago
  In continuous modification.Includes ribbon super tweeters as this is a minimum
spec for good listening.

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Masters of the Goethe Era - Staatskapelle Weimar        (5 of 6 found this review helpful)
  December 27, 2009

Household names ? at least in Weimar Germany in the late 1780s_ A 5.0 composers edition based on the time that Goethe was in Weimar. Carl Eberwein 1786-1868 Introduction to Faust is a short weighty pleasant minature. Followed by a similair Haydesque almost Mozartian sounding Ernst W Wolf 1735-1792 ... more
Budapest Live - Ivan Fischer          (7 of 7 found this review helpful)
  November 14, 2009

As nobody else who likes this disc is prepared to review it? This was seemingly an early live 1999 DSD recording which seems NOT to have been Up to the demanding standards required by those in charge.? However we are indeed fortunate that someone had the foresight to release this disc as a sampler ... more
Falla, Manuel de - Katona Twins          (8 of 8 found this review helpful)
  October 28, 2009

A fabulous disc that should have a Health warning about its opening chords. If you are expecting two accoustic guitars strumming and arangement with a simple drummer tagging along with the occasional gutteral spanish female singer joining in then you will be in for an even greater shock. The ... more
Minds - Ara Malikian, Daniel del Pino        (2 of 2 found this review helpful)
  October 26, 2009

after yet another playing I will stick with my original opinions on what has become a favourite disc. Piazzollas Ava Maria which opens this disc may well turn out to be his biggest ever hit tune. I confess to be taken aback by its beauty on my first hearing of it and totally sold by this ... more
The Bohemian Album - Amsterdam Sinfonietta          (4 of 4 found this review helpful)
  October 26, 2009

A very interesting and rewarding themed disc. The sunny serenade for strings is performed as though the band led by Candida Thompson were really enjoying themselves and the placement in stereo is nigh on perfect. The venue changes for the curious Pavel Haas 1899-1944 arrangement of string quartet no ... more

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How many SACD's does the average user's have????
June 4, 2014
Yep Ive been spending time unwinding the mysteries of DSD128.LOL. After reverse engineering dsd64 it was not that difficult. Still feel that they should allow Dot CON for websites discussing DSD so called qualities. Cannot initially understand why anyone bothered?.Except for greed. Must admit though. Doing that test ie 4 times playback DSD/the ... more
How many SACD's does the average user's have????
June 3, 2014
I agree. I have far too many and prefer listening to sound that does not have noise pollution ultrasonic wise. So ,I will be reducing my never to be played stock to as few as possible in order to play the much cleaner and purer pcm download files that I can manipulate to my hearts desire. Luckily my hearing ability still is in good shape so I am ... more
Discussion: Stéphane Denève conducts Debussy
June 24, 2012
Can you please tell audio idiot that they still exist then. A Blu ray is a Blu ray is a Blu ??? No never mind. Thanks for explaining to him that pcm does go out on a blu ray player as analogue somewhere.Not as a he states in his confused post 275. It will not be long before he starts on about the sun setting in the EAST. As I said earlier ... more
Discussion: Stéphane Denève conducts Debussy
June 24, 2012 No these are a figment of my imagination, just like PCM being converted to analogue. The Salzburg item being released in July is ... more
Discussion: Stéphane Denève conducts Debussy
June 24, 2012
Blu ray IS still being produced. Ive seen them in the Bricks and Hardware stores Plenty of them. Now , as regards sacds being there. Hmmmmmm meanwhile ,looking at the blu ray capabilities rather that previous DVD based restrictions on digital flow.? 9.6Mbps limit. Hence the need for MLP on DVDA to get 24/96 to the rear channels and the obvious ... more