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  Kieron Kirk
  Classical music from Alfven to Zemlinsky, via Mahler, Shostakovich and Sibelius
  Chessington, Surrey. UK
  Pioneer DV656A, Marantz DR6000, Sony MDS JB920QS, Sony ST S370, Thorens TD124 Mk.2, SME 3009 S2, Ortofon VMS-20E Mk.2, Marantz PM7200, Tannoy 12 inch Gold Monitor.

Pioneer BDP170,Pioneer DV656A, Sony CDP-915E, Thorens TD-147 "Jubilee", Ortofon VMS-20E Mk.2, Sony MDS JB930QS, Sony ST S570ES, Sony TCK 870ES, Sony TA F442E, Tannoy 611 Mk.2.

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