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  Alan Edouard
  Audiophile, Tubes and Stereo.
  Sony SCD-1
Home Made 6C33C-B SET 15W mono amps
12 '' Full Range Open Baffle Speakers (No CrossOver, No Box)

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A way to improve demand for SACD?
May 20, 2009
Thankyou Robert, I am surprised, in the future a low sampling rate can prejudice the re editions of BIS for download files or DSD 128 SACDs. Alan I sorry Bis have to downsizing DSD to 24-44, you have changed DSD for convenience and low cost. You could rise the SACDs prices. ... more
A way to improve demand for SACD?
May 20, 2009
What is the problem here ? This is a hiden secret ? I want BISSIE say something about it, the real numbers, or if this is a confidential information for the public. I wish know as I used with Telarc, Pentatone, Channel where this info is at the booklet or cover. Mr. Wetmore was ausent of this site for long time. I have noticed that he appears ... more
A way to improve demand for SACD?
May 20, 2009
Please say us what type of PCM BIS is recording today ( 24/96, 24/192 DXD etc ) ? Alan ... more
April 25, 2009
Thankyou Fullrangeman, maybe this 15'' full range for me, my pro 12'' FR OB has a too small bass. I could replace my pro 12'' full range by this 15'' which has a larger cone, then have more bass and is more refined than a pro speaker, the price isn't expensive for a hi fi product. Great find, thanks, Alan ... more
Discussion: Peter Ulrich: Enter the Mysterium
March 26, 2009
I just listen the music samples of this album on the JPC site and find nothing wrong with the vocals, but Iam not a expert like you. Few singers born with a stupendous baritone voice like David Sylvian. Regards, Alan P.S.: Maybe the Peter Ulrich timbre voice is not a beautiful one for some tastes. But his voice is better than many rock vocalist ... more