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So now SACD even gets Sir Simon and the Berlin on their own label!
November 2, 2004
Is the Munch/Living Stereo Daphis & Chloe not a full version? ... more
Quick question for a newbie on
October 20, 2004
Your analogy is faulty. Analog and PCM masters are both considered high resolution (as is DSD). Regular CDs are never as high a resolution as the original masters. CDs are 16bits/44K, whereas PCM sources are likely 24bit/96k or higher. MP3 is a lossy-compressed format and has nothing in common with the formats used for recording. In some sense, ... more
Record Clubs now carrying SACDs?
June 12, 2004
1) Yes this is my biggest problem with BMG in particular, but I am excited that they have some SACDs. 2) Actually, the 12-for-1 deal is currently split up into get 7 free, buy 1, get 4 free. Once you've signed up by picking the 7 disks, you're in the club, so the 4 free ones that come later have a larger selection available. I've selected "free" ... more
How can I get the lyrics of Carol Kidd's "ALL MY TOMORROWS",PLEASE HELP!
May 7, 2004
That is an album of jazz/pop standards (they were not written by Carol Kidd). You'll do better by searching on each song title and songwriter. For example, searching on "When I dream" and "Mason" and "lyrics" gives several valid results: The ... more
SACD store on Amazon... finally
April 29, 2004
They have a small problem: their browse lists that show the top sellers in each genre don't show any Hybrid SACDs (no Dark Side of the Moon? no Norah Jones?). Probably the same metadata problem. It confused me at first, then I emailed them about it. Who knows if they can fix it... ... more