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Discussion: Al Di Meola: Elegant Gypsy
July 18, 2009
So, this was the first SACD I bought, but unfortunately I don't hear much of a difference between it and the 320k MP3 on my set-up, perhaps when I get some better floor standing speakers next week I might finally hear a difference, but I probably would have been better of spending x6 less on the DSD remastered redbook CD. Still a great album ... more
Michael Jackson R.I.P
June 26, 2009
Is the Japanese version of this album single layer too? ... more
Romantic Warrior?
June 23, 2009
Yeah I've heard it before and I like it, I guess I'll jsut settle witht he regular CD since finding the SACD seems to be impossible now, and if by chance it ever does come up on ebay or something I would probably have to pay and arm and a leg for it, I'll keep my eyes open though, hopefully they'll rerelease it correctly some day. ... more
13 million SA-CD players
June 23, 2009
Would anyone happen to know what model # these players are and where I might be able to find one? ... more
13 million SA-CD players
June 22, 2009
It would be nice if they would make a car CD player that played SACDs... ... more