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Discussion: Bartok: Violin Concertos Nos. 1 & 2 - Steinbacher, Janowski
November 2, 2010
"Arabella Steinbacher brings her innate musicality to bear on these problems, and the results are both distinctive and convincing. Her Bartók is at the more cosmopolitan end of the spectrum, and she's not one to launch into folk fiddling episodes on a whim. The sophistication of her playing is at least in part a result of her tone, which is rich ... more
Discussion: Dvorak, Szymanowski: Violin Concertos - Steinbacher, Janowski
November 21, 2009
So! Hurwitz doesn't like it and neither does Fafnir! Poly and Castor surely do, and so do I. Fafnir talks about a lack of "joy". In the last movement, I suppose he looks for that quality. I did not find it missing. The first movement is altogether something else, Passion, drama, lyricism and I think Ms Arabella gets it altogether myself. I really ... more
SACD vs. Live
September 14, 2009
You cover a lot of ground here, and reveal some deep seated prejudices, and a modicum of ignorance. First I want to address 5.1 - which you say is very strange to you. Why do you persist in talking about 5.1, when the best recording companies (Polyhymnia - who produce recordings for PentaTone, Caro Mitis, RCA, RCO Live and others, Soundmirror who ... more
BIS thread
May 28, 2009
That really is the crux of it yes? In addition, one might question the different post production processing that goes into mastering an SACD (or rbcd for that matter). Different labels will sound better or worse, IMHO depending on how much messing around they do to make a recording (in their opinion) "commercially acceptable". I suspect, but do not ... more