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  Mårten Lindblad
  Uppsala, Sweden
  Pioneer PD-D6 player
NAD 515BEE amplifier
Linn speakers (2.0 setup)
QED interconnect
Supra speaker cables

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Reviews of players as well?
August 24, 2009
Yes you are right, there would be a lot of prestige involved I guess. Currently I use (Swedish) to browse for SACD. It has a review function, but not that many SACD buffs use it to make it reliable. I would like something like that but with more experienced people. ... more
Reviews of players as well?
August 23, 2009
I understand what you say, but rather a non-perfect review system over a non-existing. It should at least give som overview of the market. ... more
Reviews of players as well?
August 22, 2009
Today I find great intrest in the SACD reviews here on What I would like aswell is a review section of SACD players, much like the one for records. When it comes to knowing about SACD I personally don't want to turn to other sites than this one. Are there any more than me who would like it as well, and is it possible to incorporate that ... more
speculation BD Audio
August 20, 2009
Having discovered SACD this year with about 10 albums in SACD I must say I'm blown away with hi-rez sound. I think that a lot of people are genuinely interested in hi-rez audio as well, the problem is the plethora of different formats available. However, the new universal disc players are what turned me around. Now I don't have to care what the ... more
Pioneer PD-D9
August 1, 2009
Having listened to some players in the same pricerange as the PD-D9 (Marantz, Rotel, NAD) I must say that the Pioneer came clearly out on top, especially when listening to "heavier" music, such as The Downward Spiral by NIN. Here in Sweden you can find it for $900. ... more