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  William Andrew
  Marantz SR5004 A/V Receiver and Jamo S606HCS6 speakers, PS3 60G, Sony BDP S370 and an old Pioneer PD7700

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5.1 SACD Player
January 28, 2010
I noticed in the FAQ section of this site - 4th dot point under "What is the difference between SA-CD and DVD-Audio?" that the SA-CD format supports up to six channels mostly using 3 - 6. Maybe not all channels are for playback? ... more
5.1 SACD Player
January 27, 2010
Yes, that what I mean. Why mostly stereo though? ... more
5.1 SACD Player
January 27, 2010
Thanx for the clarification. ... more
5.1 SACD Player
January 27, 2010
Which is best - analog or HDMI? My a/v receiver has both (it's a Marantz SR5004). ... more
5.1 SACD Player
January 26, 2010
Just getting back into hifi after a long hiatus and am now looking for a sacd player. I have noticed that not all players have 5.1 output - what's the go with that? I had assumed that as most sacd's have both stereo and 5.1 capabilities the players would reflect this - but apparently not. So I've made an initial trawl of the net and have gotten a ... more