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Surround sound radio!
December 17, 2010
Not sure if this has been posted, but I heard something briefly on the radio today about the introduction of surround sound radio! Another fad or a shot in the arm for M/C SACD? ... more
New Pretender M/C SACD
July 5, 2010
Thanks for that. I think it went for $51 in the end. I'd be gutted to pay that much for a copy. ... more
New Pretender M/C SACD
June 25, 2010
Also this one from Lady Gaga. Looks genuine but I can't find it on here... Any comments? ... more
New Pretender M/C SACD
June 25, 2010
Points taken and thanks, but that's not what I was asking. I have dealt with them before but did not get any joy (but I did get my money back). I was wondering whether anyone had heard about this SACD and any release date? Generally even this site only has genuine Articles on there, even if they can't get hold of them. ... more
New Pretender M/C SACD
June 24, 2010
Haven't seen this CD on the site. Anyone aware it was coming out? ... more