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Problem with new SACD discs?
July 20, 2010
I just picked up 4 of the Oscar Peterson "Exlusively for my Friends" SACDs that were on clearance from Music Direct here in the US. I have several on vinyl but wanted these now. 3 of the 4 just won't play in my machine, returning either 'no disc' or 'can't play' messages on the Marantz SA11-S1 that was recently serviced. They won't play either on ... more
SACD Layers won't play or skipping problems
June 17, 2010
I attribute the dust problem in my situation to an ongoing renovation of some adjacent rooms. Despite my cleaning schedule, I think I just could not protect the Marantz sufficiently, and may even have been putting dust into it by not cleaning all my CDs every time I played. Thankfully, the renovation is also over now and the players sounds mighty ... more
SACD Layers won't play or skipping problems
June 10, 2010
Final update -- player came back from service with report that the problem was largely dust related but they "installed a factory modification" (unspecified) which they claim improves SACD performance and updated the firmware. Only cost to me was shipping to the dealer who serviced it. It's back and playing so well that thoughts of an upgrade are ... more
SACD Layers won't play or skipping problems
May 22, 2010
Yes, I am going to send the Marantz in on Monday. I suppose I was hoping the newer Sony was a worthwhile upgrade to justify a new purchase (who doesn't want new toys?) but I suspect it may not be. I remain somewhat conscious of how reliant I am on a single machine though. Maybe I need to convince my wife we need a new Oppo 83SE, for video :) ... more
What Was Your First SACD?
May 20, 2010
Deep Purple, Live on the BBC. Recorded in 1972, true 'you are there' feel, coupled by the record company with a couple of irrelevant bonus tracks that make no real sense in this context but it's the live show that sparkles, warts and all. ... more