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Discussion: Hartmann: Symphonies 1-8 - Gaffigan, Metzmacher, Poppen, Schønwandt, Stenz, Vänskä
April 22, 2014
I've purchased and am really enjoying it - makes a healthy, much needed change to the endless releases of Mahler, Shostakovich, etc. etc. ... more
Discussion: Bach: Complete Organ Works - Kooiman, Gremmel-Geuchen, Gnann, Klapprott
February 28, 2014
Got my copy recently - need to find the time to play but I am very excited about exploring the set ... more
How many SACD's does the average user's have????
February 20, 2014
Well, because I maintain a database (my insurance company insisted I keep one because of the size of my collection) I know that I have 18/19k CDs including some 1k+ SACDs. I always seem to have a backlog of discs to play, largely because I tend to buy a lot at once. My wife, who is a professional classical musician, has given up telling me to slow ... more
Discussion: Schoenberg/Berg: Pelleas & Melisande / Drei Orchesterstucke
December 7, 2013
Funnily enough, I have just bought on Amazon UK and it's arrived today - can't wait to hear as I love both works, especially the Berg. ... more
Discussion: Wagner: Die Walküre - Janowski
July 17, 2013
I plan to buy Die Walkure too plus Tristan. Last night I was listening to Das Rheingold with Janowski - I like the performance and, as you say, it sounds terrific in multichannel. Had to turn up the volume a little... ... more