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  Fredrik Viken
  Software engineer and tuba player.
  Tønsberg, Norway
SACD: Sony XA777ES
AMP: Classé CAP-151
SPEAKERS: B&W Nautilus 804, REL Strata III Sub
CABLES: Nordost Blue Heaven interconnects and speaker

Above, plus:
SPEAKERS: B&W Nautilus HTM1(center), B&W Nautilus 805 (rear)
PRE+AMP: Denon A11SR + Classé CAP-151 (as a power amp)
CABLES: Nordost Solar Wind (center) and Nordost 4flat (rear)

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August 22, 2003
Another good thing about is that if you live outside the EU, they automatically remove the VAT (17.5% or something) at checkout, making it even cheaper. Their shiping (at least to Norway) is also cheaper (GBP 1.79 vs. USD 5.98 for a one SACD). ... more
Any plans for LSO Live to issue SACDs?
August 2, 2003
LSO Live ( has a lot of good and highly regarded recordings done lately with DSD recording equipment. Their CDs does also sell at a very low price. I seem to recall reading about some plans to start issuing SACDs. Does anyone know if they have any plans to issue SACDs and if so, when? ... more
Discussion: Vaughan Williams: London Symphony - Hickox
July 31, 2003
I'm not familiar with his symphonies, but I really like the "A Sea Symphony" (Telarc). I have also played his Tuba concerto, which is regarded as one of the main works in the tuba literature. What would you suggest as a starting point for his Symphonies (preferably on SACD)? I assume the 1912 version of the second is a bit more of a curiosity, and ... more
Discussion: Vaughan Williams: London Symphony - Hickox
July 31, 2003
This is most disturbing news. I was really looking forward to this release, being the record of the year 2001 in Gramophone (redbook version). I thought this would be a winner, with almost guaranteed musical content (given the rave reviews) and a recent recording. Do other have the same impression as zeus? Is this also true for the other Chandos ... more