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  Marantz KI Pearl SACD player
Marantz KI Pearl Integrated Amplifier
Marantz NA11-S1
Mytek Digital Stereo192-DSD DAC
Esoteric MG-20
Chord Sarum RCA Interconnect
Chord Sarum Speaker Cable
Chord Sarum Power Cable
Dedicated 32A Furutech UK Wall Outlet.

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Stravinsky: The Firebird - Litton        (5 of 12 found this review helpful)
  February 7, 2012

Can't imagine the single person who voted NOT to recommend this. Please get your ears checked or something must be wrong with your system. Very good BIS signature recording which is highly transparent, has great dynamics and sounds its best on multichannel set up. About the performance, Litton and ... more

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HDTracks Reviews
April 16, 2014
I have been in touch with Bruce and got the answers needed. The devices are certainly not affordable but definitely obtainable. I have asked Bruce of what could be done to achieve better result than his current method (perhaps possible) and rest assured the current method that he uses will result in bit perfect DSD stream. No point kicking the ... more
HDTracks Reviews
April 12, 2014
Let me drop the bombshell. Bruce, how do you get the SACD layer out of the disc? ... more
High Def Tape Transfers
April 10, 2014
Yes Sir. Got the Klipsch Tape Project both volumes and the carmina burana. Count me as impressed. Reasonable pricing and high quality stuff. Tried both DSD 128 and 24/192. My take is to go for double DSD when possible. ... more
HDTracks Reviews
April 10, 2014
This is a very interesting case. Reminds me of a talk many years ago about charging as many as three times the royalty on music put on SACD Hybrid (one for the CD layer, one for stereo area and another for multichannel). I would say bissie has the rights to be very concerned about this situation and it is not fair for him to handle the complaints ... more
Discussion: Rimsky-Korsakov: Scheherazade - Reiner
April 8, 2014
From his post, I can see his sincerity of sharing his labour of love. Now now... on the converter, I would say that it plays a part in the final result of the sound quality. Words coming from the man himself, I paraphrase, it's not the most important thing that affects the overall sonic result of the recording. Such is already proven (using Grimm ... more