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Liszt: Piano Concertos Nos. 1 & 2 - Arnaldo Cohen        (8 of 9 found this review helpful)
  November 23, 2011

I'm certainly no expert by far on proper interpretations of any composer's works, but I can say I love the performance on this SACD. Recording quality is excellent. The multichannel track conveys a nice sense of space without using any gimmicks. Personally, I'm not much of a fan of orchestral ... more
  May 22, 2011

If you like the music from this soundtrack add this SACD to your collection. This is a great example of multichannel done right. The sound quality is great and the multichannel track adds greatly to the enjoyment of the music/performances without being gimmicky.
Billy Joel: Turnstiles        (1 of 2 found this review helpful)
  April 23, 2011

MoFi did a great job mastering this stereo SACD. This is the best I've heard Turnstiles sound. I wish there were a multichannel version on par with "The Stranger" (one of my favorite multichannel SACDs). IMO, this sounds better than the recently released SACD of "Piano Man". Perhaps the master tapes ... more
Billy Joel: Piano Man        (4 of 4 found this review helpful)
  April 21, 2011

Compared to the CD version I own, this SACD is a step up in mastering/audio quality. Unlike the other reviewers, I didn't particularly notice a lack of bass. Considering its age, it sounded pretty balanced, IMO. While this release shows the limitations of the original recording, I would certainly ... more
  April 19, 2011

Like others have mentioned here, the sonics leave something to be desired. Like another reviewer mentioned, the multichannel mix is "odd" in places and often takes away from the performance. It's really too bad more care wasn't taken producing the multichannel mix. This kind of music can benefit ... more

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December 5, 2011
I was also very late to the SACD/DVD-Audio scene, and like you, have found many of the titles I want, especially Pop/Rock, are far more than I'm willing to pay. As such, my collection is small and growing very slowly. Like others have mentioned, I just keep checking and sometimes come across a title I want at a price I'm willing to pay. I've also ... more
new-to-sacd: Blu-ray player?
December 5, 2011
Based on my experience with my Oppo 980H (not a BD player, but I'm very happy with it's SACD performance via analog outputs), I wouldn't hesitate to recommend one of the Oppo BD players. ... more
Peter Gabriel "Security"/ Remastered CD vs SACD?
May 23, 2011
Thanks. I greatly appreciate your feedback and recommendation. ... more
Peter Gabriel "Security"/ Remastered CD vs SACD?
May 22, 2011
I have the original CD release of "Security" and would love to have it on SACD, but prices for this title are very high from sources I trust (at least for my budget). I noticed there is a "remastered" CD version available and was wondering if anyone can comment on the quality improvements, if any, of the remastered CD and SACD over the original CD ... more