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  29 years old, owing the audiophilia contamination to incurable curiosity.
I listen to all kinds of music except rap. I discovered classical music lately, being a rock and hard-rock fan initially, but I learn quickly and make it up even more quickly.
INVENTORY (reflects what I actually have on my shelves, whereas my profile library on this site also contains pre-ordered titles) :
* 1528 digital discs :
1177 RBCDs (including 6 SHM CDs, 27 HDCD-encoded, 1 XRCD and 1 bluspec CD)
372 SA-CDs (including 71 SHM SA-CDs)
17 BD-As
8 DVD-As
1 dual disc
* 227 vinyl discs.
  Normandy, France
  Player : Cambridge Audio Azur 651BD
Integrated stereo amplifier : Cambridge Audio Azur 350A
Speakers : one pair of Monitor Audio Silver series RX6
Monster Cable M550I SACD-2M cables (5.1 source --> integrated)
Audioquest MacKenzie analog stereo phono cable 1.5M (stereo source --> integrated)
Audioquest Type 4 speaker cables
Headphones : 2x Sony MDR7506 (the second pair is used for home-studio applications)

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November 18, 2015
Hi Ubertrout, You are right, sorry for this. I was confused by the similar cover arts. ... more
Discussion: Holst: The Planets - Ozawa
November 18, 2015
Hi Alex, Thanks for the advice, which I have followed : I have bought this one and will give it a try. ... more
Discussion: Holst: The Planets - Ozawa
November 18, 2015
Hi Ubertrout, The [t=261] edition is OOP indeed, but a BD-A version is about to be released - that was recently postponed, but hopefully not for long. I understand your reluctance in regards to the SHM SA-CD price. This is not given away for sure, but my opinion is the quality is up to the price. Currently I own 82 of these and I know I'll keep ... more
Discussion: Holst: The Planets - Ozawa
November 17, 2015
Dear Rembrandt, I have received this Ozawa SHM SA-CD last Friday and I listened to it a dozen times this week-end, trying to forget the attacks not so far away from my place. And it soothed me. First of all I thank you once again for your review, which proved being a good advice to me. I really love this Ozawa version and, as I will explain ... more
Beatles 1 + released Nov 6th.....
November 13, 2015
I wonder why the multichannel program is so zealously sought after - and consequently criticized - whereas the Beatles' music was mostly recorded in 4 tracks and never intended to be MC-mixed. This MC is just a trick, like the Columbia 5.1 mix of [t=644] created from 3 tracks... though it sounds really good, a trick is still a trick. So why being ... more