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BIS thread
February 15, 2014
A Bis Pettersson Edition? *blink blink* Do my eyes deceive me? That is worth waiting 3 years for. Regards, David P.S.: I am in the US, and I had to order my copy of Pettersson 9 from the UK as well. A note for your distributor! ... more
BIS thread
February 15, 2014
Hello again Robert, First, many thanks for your commitment to Allan Pettersson - the 9th Symphony disc is superb. I just wanted to give you additional thanks for the excellent documentary that was included with the disc! What a delightful surprise! I'm curious as to your "timetable" for the remainder of the Pettersson symphony cycle. Not in terms ... more
BIS thread
September 23, 2013
Apologies for derailing this thread, but this seems to be "open season" on Bissie, so thus! I have been hugely enjoying the chamber music of Kalevi Aho which you have issued on SACD (ha! still on topic.) I am curious as to whether you can disclose your future contemporary music plans for high resolution release. Yrs, David P.S.: Also, when can ... more
BIS thread
August 15, 2012
Greetings! I have two questions, which hopefully Robert will be willing (or able) to answer: 1) I have been enormously enjoying Christian Lindberg's exploration of the dark corridors of Allan Pettersson's music and am excited that the 6th symphony will be the first *ever* recording of that magisterial composer in SA-CD. Can we hope that more ... more