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  David Ingham
  A middle-aged classical music lover with a penchant for vinyl and more recently SACDs. I'm staunchly two channel, principally because my wife won't put up with me making a mess of the room with lots of extra speakers and cables. I first dicovered a love of music singing in my school Chapel Choir at the age of 8, and will always be grateful to the head of music there, Tony Cook, who played me many pieces in music lessons that I dd not get at the time, but came to love later in life. The Leeds Music Library was a great place in the 1970's, as I could not afford my first LP until 1976.
I had a responsible full time job which left me with insufficient time to listen to my collection of 3,000 Lps and 1,000 discs, though it provided the wherewithal to buy a rather expensive set of equipment. However, having just retired I can hopefully get to grips with my collection. My favourite music has always been the classics, particularly Mozart, Beethoven and Brahms, though I range widely in my listening from renaissance polyphony through to the more 'acceptable' 20th Century composers. I've always had a particular love of Sibelius, Vaughan-Williams and Elgar.
When I'm not listening to music or spending time with my wife and/or teenage children I'll be at the gym, playing tennis or football, cycling or eating a chocolate muffin.
  Wolverhampton, UK
  I feel like I wasted 20 years listening to CD's before returning to vinyl, which played music in a way my old CD player had not. When I finally changed my SACD player from a MF kW to the Esoteric I discovered how SACD's could sound and since then I have almost exclusively purchased these and enjoy them hugely. Vinyl may have the edge sonically still, but try listening to the finale of Vaughan-Williams 6th Symphony and however many times you clean the record there are still too many pops and clicks! Very recently I have found that CDs can in fact sound very good, with the acquisition of a belt driven Burmester CD player. It's out of this world.
CD - Burmester 069
SACD - Esoteric K-01
Turntable - Kuzma XL4
Tonearms - Kuzma 313 (x2)
Cartridges - Dynavector DRT XV-1t (stereo); DRT XV-1s (mono)
Phonostage - Zanden 1200 Mk 3
Pre-amp - Burmester 808 Mk5
Power amps - Burmester 911 Mk3 monoblocks
Speakers - Magico Q5
Supports - Finite elemente master reference
Cables - Chord Sarum Tuned ARAY
Mains - Burmester 948

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