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  Shai Jordan
  Surround junkie (especially music), Audiophile, love SACD, DVD-Audio, Blu-Ray Audio, HDCD, encoded surround discs, the future of surround (22.2? A bit much, or envy; we will see), I ache to open the ears of those who haven't heard High Fidelity, and put an end to those who "can't hear the difference between an mp3, and an SACD. At the least, get people to hear that magical sensation that comes from properly mixed surround sound. Music, movies, and video that order, since that is how it began. I suppose Surround junkie and Audiophile would have sufficed.
  Lafayette, IN USA
  Blu-Ray/DVD-Audio, CD/DVD combo, DualDisc, dts-CD, SACD (hybrid, Stereo, and Multichannel/Stereo), Gold Cd, HDCD, MoFi (UltraGain, and UltraGain II), SACD/MoFi hybrids, vinyl, Heavy Pressings (180g, and 200g), 45 RPM reissues, Heavy Pressing/45 RPM reissues (and new releases...I'm quite sure I have forgotten some formats.
Obtaining the best equipment in my price range. I'm currently looking for a receiver that I can use for Quadraphonic CD-4 (the discrete format), so I would need 2 Multichannel inputs...or use the preouts (11.2) to power 11 mono amps (500 watts RMS minimum, so I can use my AR-15 speakers)...and then use 4 schannels on the receiver's multichannels for discrete quadraphonic sound...but unsure how all the matrix decoders will work (the Audyssey 7.1 setup does not fit what the surround engineer had in mind). Will I find a turntable with quadraphonic processing (discrete, SQ, and QS), that has sufficient fidelity? Can I have every cake ever made, and eat them all at once? I'm sure we will find a way...there is also the 4k vs. 8k to consider, and that needs to be carefully watched, on the video is getting lost to resolution, as is audio...another issue. DAC's are being systematically stamped out. I'm into HiFi.

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