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Yamaha Universal players
February 3, 2013
The Denon DBP2012 manual states that its SEARCH function works with DVD, VIDEO and BD. But perhaps, unlike Denon, Yamaha does not wish to overstate the capability of their BD players. My question was whether the Yamaha's MARKER button can also bookmark some BD discs (such as Celebration Day by Led Zeppelin) that the SEARCH button on the Denon ... more
Yamaha Universal players
February 3, 2013
On my Denon DBP2012, I can use the SEARCH button to bookmark certain BD discs (e.g., Celebration Day by Led Zeppelin). The same BD discs cannot be bookmarked with any of the red, green, yellow and blue buttons. The Denon DBP2012 has the SEARCH button on its remote, while the Yamaha has the equivalent MARKER button, which however, is stated to ... more
Yamaha Universal players
February 2, 2013
Can anyone who has owned or used the Yamaha A1020 please confirm that it can bookmark more recent BD discs that have the requisite java? The Denon DBP2012 I own uses the term Marker, while Yamaha A1020 uses Bookmark/Marker for the same function. The bookmark function is accessed under SEARCH or MARKER button on the respective remote controllers. ... more
Yamaha Universal players
February 1, 2013
Thus, although the Yamaha A1020 user manual specifies that the Bookmark function works with DVD and Video only, in fact its Bookmark can work with some BD discs, provided the BD discs have the requisite java for this function. I asked because my Denon DBP2012 user manual explicitly states that its Bookmark function works with DVD, Video and BD ... more
Yamaha Universal players
January 31, 2013
I am looking at the new Yamaha BDA1020. The user manual shows that the Bookmark works with DVD and Video only, but does not work with BD discs. Can anyone confirm that this is indeed the case? The Denon DBP2012 does have Bookmark function which works with many BD discs, but it does not have last disc memory recall! Thanks. ... more