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  Rob Puricelli
  Trainer, music industry blogger, musician and multi-channel audio fan
  Suffolk, UK
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Discussion: Grace Jones: The Disco Years
May 6, 2015
Yes, I would not have bought it otherwise. I'm a huge vinyl fan, but to get all the CD box content on a single BD-A was the clincher. And, as I have just updated the original post, the download content is WAV, which is a welcome bonus :-) I couldn't understand how HFPA could offer these discs with MP3 downloads... bonkers! ... more
Discussion: Grace Jones: The Disco Years
May 6, 2015
So, this arrived from Amazon today and I have to say it is good to finally see the Blu Ray format being exploited by Universal a bit more, with all the CD box content included on this single disc. Let's hope this is the start of a trend to catch up with the likes of Ape Records or Panegyric and their respective XTC & Yes releases that truly set the ... more
Record Store Day
April 25, 2015
Yup, I did my usual short trip down to London and was in the Sister Ray Records queue at 4am (33rd in the queue... the first person in the queue got there at 9pm on Friday!) There's a lot of animosity towards the day now, but the shops on Berwick St., Soho make a real event of it and the atmosphere is really, really friendly. There were a lot of ... more
Sound of Music in Surround Sound.
February 15, 2015
Haha!! (reads rest of post) Wail!!! :-( Hopes raised and dashed in 60 seconds! It's a shame if it doesn't get the hi-res multi-channel treatment but I guess I'll have to stick with my Q8 quad copy for now. ... more
Steven Wilson releases and chat
February 10, 2015
I'm stupidly excited for the release of 'Hand. Cannot. Erase.' What I've heard so far is very good and I can't wait to see him live again in four weeks. The Albert Hall gig at the end of the 'Raven' tour will take some beating though. Regarding his remixes, 'Fragile' has been all but confirmed as the next Yes reissue. I was secretly hoping for ... more