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  Ty Moyer
  Being that sound can be very subjective I believe that it is important to view music and sonic evaluations in context. For that reason it is extremely helpful to know what reviewers are "listening through" since this can shed light upon one's opinion, especially if it is an extreme one i.e. 1 or 5 stars. I find it unhelpful to read one review that praises the sonics of a particular release with a 5 star rating only to be followed by the next reviewer stating: "I can't understand what that previous reviewer is hearing...". Knowing the context and system capabilities can help to suss out the varying opinions of such impressions.

I've been consulting on acoustics for 15+ years with audiophiles, studio engineers and commercially and have a well-sorted listening space that is acoustically tuned and as free from room induced anomalies as is possible in a non-dedicated room. Drummer/percussionist for most of my life. Audioholic that enjoys a wide variety of genres but with a focus on jazz, progressive/70's rock, classical (especially contemporary) and free improvisation. Particular fondness for hearing acoustic instruments in a great space, well recorded live jazz and John Zorn.

All reviews are based upon 2 channel listening. Not only is this my preference but to expand the current system to 5.1 with matching equipment would cost an additional ~$30k. I'd rather focus on further upgrades to the 2CH system.
  Eugene, Oregon (AKA The People's Republic of Eugene)
  Analog Source:
VPI Classic 3 w/JMW Classic Tonearm, Lyra Delos and Kleos cartridges. Custom designed (DIY) marble/sorbothane isolation.

Digital Sources:
Bryston BCD-1 CD Player, Oppo BDP95 Universal Player, Bryston BDP-1 Digital Srever/Player, Bryston BDA-1 DAC. HP Laptop stripped of most ancillary functions and running Musical Fidelity V-Link 192 into DAC for streaming. All digital sources are routed to both the preamp direct and through the DAC via their digital outputs.

Pass Labs XP25 dual chassis phono stage, Bryston BP 26 dual chassis preamp. All in balanced mode.

Bryston 7BSST2 Monoblocks in balanced mode, Pass Labs INT-150 (secondary system)

Power Supply:
Dedicated 20A circuit feeding Bryston/Torus BIT 20A isolation unit.

Revel Ultima Salon2, Dynaudio Contour S3.5 (secondary system).

Cardas Golden Cross Balanced IC's, Speaker Cables. Cardas Clear IC's. Cardas Clear and Golden Cross Digital Cables. Cardas Golden Cross and Clear Power Cables. MIT Matrix IC's and Matrix HD-38 Speaker Cables.

VPI HW-16.5 Record Cleaning Machine with various MoFi accessories, Zerostat etc. Hot-rodded Salamander Synergy Rack with custom (DIY) isolation mods and upgrades. Cardas Myrtle Blocks. Custom designed AxiomAcoustics/ASC absorption/diffusion panels and bass trapping. Yada.

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