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  Phillip England
  Cottesloe, Western Australia
  Musical Fidelity A2 CD player
Musical Fidelity TriVista 21 DAC
Clearaudio Emotion turntable
Shanling STP80 integrated valve amplifier
Audioquest Ruby interconnects
Orpheus CS28.3 loudspeakers biwired with $2/m three core mains cable (!)
Sennheiser HD600 headphones with Musical Fidelity X-Can valve headphone amp

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Harmonia Mundi how about some more SACDs from your Analog past? Especially Gregorio Paniagua?
November 2, 2005
Here here! Especially keep an eye out for HM recordings from this era made by the sound engineer Michel Pontrefact (cannot check the spelling here at work). They are the best. I understand that in those days HM used valve-based electronics throughout the recording chain. I'd buy the SACD of La Folia if I did not already have the real thing, i.e. ... more
Anyone had a chance to listen to the SA11s1 yet?
December 10, 2004
Johnno, So you think the SA11 sounds better than your VSE modified XB940? Would you describe the differences as substantial? Perhaps when you have lived with the new machine for a while you could describe those differences for us. Thanks. ... more
Sony SA-CD XA 9000 ES Player? Anyone have one?
November 27, 2004
deangeli, from what I can gather, VSE do not modify the XA9000SE (or the XA3000ES which is not sold in Nth America). Not yet anyway. ... more
Marantz SA17-S1... any good?
November 18, 2004
How do you get the DSD signal from the player into your Chord64 for processing, or do you just use the Chord64 to process the PCM output from the Marantz. ... more
Marantz SA17-S1... any good?
November 17, 2004
I auditioned the SA17-S1 for a few days and was dissappointed with what I heard. This was my introduction to SACD and I was more than prepared to be stunned by the experience, so perhaps my expectations were too high. (We tend to underestimate just how subjective the appraisal of audio equipment is.) Anyway, it did not seem to approach the sonic ... more