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Dan Gibson: Thunderstorm      
"Thunderstorm" Nature Sounds: Spring Peeper, American Toad, Canada Goose, Common Loon, Common Raven, Gray Treefrog, Hermit Thrush, Song Sparrow, Sora Rail, Swainson's Thrush, Wood Thrush, Canada Warbler, Veery, Rain/Thunder, Northern Leopard Frog Dan Gibson
Nektar: Live in New York      
"Live in New York 1974" Nektar
Dream Nebula
DNECD 1206/7
Elton John: Peachtree Road      
"Peachtree Road" Elton John
Claire Martin: Secret Love      
"Secret Love" Claire Martin
Linn Records
AKD 246
Antonio Cartellieri: Christmas Oratorio - Spering      
Antonio Cartellieri: Christmas Oratorio "La Celebre Nativita del Redentore" Beranova Karasiak Wade Marco-Burhmester Chorus Musicus Köln Das Neue Orchester Christoph Spering
71 015

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