John Dowland - Shall I striue with wordes to moue? (A Pilgrimes Solace)

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Dowland: Awake, Sweet Love - Munderloh, Behr      
John Dowland: Awake, Sweet Love Thou Art Returned; My Thoughts Are Wing'd With Hopes (Sir John Souch's Gaillard); Come Away, Come Sweet Love; Can She Excuse My Wrongs; Lute solo – Sir John Smith, His Almain; All Ye Whom Love Or Fortune Hath Betrayed; Time Stands Still; Think'st Thou Then By Thy ... more
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Musique and Sweet Poetrie - Emma Kirkby      
Robert Johnson, Thomas Morley, Gregory Huwet, John Dowland, Giovanni Kapsperger, Georg Schimmelpfennig, Heinrich Schütz, Michelangelo Galilei, Sigismondo d’India, Robert Ballard, Pierre Guédron, Jean-Baptiste Boësset, Etienne Moulinié, Wojciech (Albertus) Dlugoraj, John Danyel Emma Kirkby ... more