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Mozart: Piano Concertos Nos. 21 & 23 - O'Hora/RPO/Carney        (7 of 7 found this review helpful)
  April 14, 2005

First the performances. Ronan OíHora is very much a name from the mid-90ís, when some of his recordings for Tring (especially his Grieg concerto) earned glowing reviews. He plays well enough here, but this isnít an out and out recommendation, maybe because the competition is just so stiff. The C ... more
Mozart: Symphonies Nos. 40 & 41 - RPO/Glover        (8 of 8 found this review helpful)
  April 14, 2005

The Figaro overture blares out of your speakers with a shrillness that can only be tamed by a drastic twisting (down) of the volume control. Thereafter things are much better, with the sound still being a little too shrill and slightly glassy, but acceptable. The soundstaging in surround is quite ... more
Górecki: Symphony No. 3 - RPO/Simonov        (16 of 16 found this review helpful)
  April 14, 2005

What a find,- easily the best of the RPO discs Iíve heard so far and a performance which doesnít deserve to have fallen from the catalogues in the first place. For those who donít know this (almost ubiquitous) work, it was written in soviet-era Poland in 1975s and is characterised as a Symphony of ... more
Arias For Farinelli - René Jacobs        (1 of 3 found this review helpful)
  March 28, 2005

Sorry to disagree with LC, more on matters of personal taste than anything else. For me this disc was a disappointment. Farinelli was not only the god of the big, florid (and often meaningless) aria but he was highly regarded for the purity of his singing, as per Quantzís description of ... more
Bruckner: Symphony No. 5 - Harnoncourt        (6 of 8 found this review helpful)
  February 1, 2005

I find my own judgement about half way between Akiralx and Daland. Yes, as Daland says, this is a somewhat bitty reading of stops and starts. If you want pulse, turn to Karajan and if you want a supremely analytical approach that yields a different kind of interpretation, try Sinopoli ('99), an ... more

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